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We offer a distinct pathway to marketplace. Whether you are looking to add to an existing portfolio of products or create a brand from scratch. Review the options below and give us a call for more details. Vel is excited to begin this journey with you! 

Existing Brands

Vel Has a Distinct Active ingredient to offer for Production

We know that the ingredient we are offering are new to the marketplace and brand awareness is key to letting customers know they exist. Vel will work alongside you to generate the buzz on your new products.

We acknowledge that you are the professionals in understanding what is best for you. After you setup your purchase, we will ship your requested ingredients and you will take it from there.

Simply, give us a call and we will go over the terms of purchase, including minimum purchase quantities and scope.

Create a Brand

In Collaboration, Vel will develop and deliver a finished product

Vel is excited to create your brands with you from start to finish. Simply give us a call to review purchase options for your ingredients, which includes minimum purchase quantities, budgets for marketing collateral, etc. Let’s Get Started!

Services Provided with Your Purchase

I was recommended to try Rescue Me after a big night out with friends. I woke up and had a really bad headache, sore stomach, all the signs of a major hangover. I had about 5 squirts sublingually and within 10 minutes felt the headache and stomach ache completely subside. It was absolutely amazing and it pulled me completely out of my hangover and I was back with the group going out for breakfast. Without Rescue Me, I certainly wouldn’t have been going anywhere and would have struggled to eat anything. I definitely recommend anyone with a hangover to give Rescue Me a try as it certainly picked me back up and had me going on my way.

Jesse S.
Jesse S.,

I have been using Synaptix gummies at a dosage of 35 mg per piece for several months now. I take Synaptix for overall wellness and can say that after consuming the gummies, 2 or 3 at a time, once a day, I start feeling more energetic and focused on my tasks. I like this effect and take my Synaptix towards the end of the work day to help keep me going with increased energy without having to take an afternoon coffee break.

K. Black
K. Black,

I have been using Synaptix products for the last 4 years. I have arthritis in my hips and knees. Prior to taking the drops, spray and alve, I was unable to walk up and down stairs normally and had difficulty getting into a standing position. Since using Synaptix my mobility has improved dramatically. I highly recommend these products to anyone with mobility issues.

Vincenzo Bradley
Vincenzo Bradley,

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